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Beauty is commonly loved. However, its concept differs for everyone. I seek to develop design based on analytic data, my own research, creating meaningful solutions.
Superheroes in real life
The project, timed to an exhibition combining different genres — graffiti, street art, photography, painting, design.
Step by Step project | HR Award – brand
Presentation style and unique infographics development for illustrating complex business processes.
Car Rental Company Website
A unique cloud platform, which functioning guarantees user information confidentiality.
Car Rental Company Application
Online service available on all platforms.

Corporate internal portal
The organization of an extensive scientific knowledge library, icon creating suitable for specific information sections.
The Future
Plastic research: illustration and typography combination.
What's new

Event envitation & Lettering

Being a true perfectionist, I like to work with all strict and systematized. However, how interesting it is to switch to bright and inspiring projects! I invite you to stop by the section devoted to wedding and image printing, as well as to lettering.